When tourists become lost, overwhelmed, tired, inspired, bored, enlightened, confronted, hungry, upset, tipsy, get cheated or fall in love, perceptions change and surprising associations and experiences come to light. In trying to figure out a city, they are mostly investigating themselves.

In each issue M. Lorenz and a Guest Artist are given 48 hours to experience a city, document it and create a visual diary without the use of computers. What this results to is the documentation of a 48 hour search for visual entertainment and the definition of the city visited.

On one hand The One Weekend Book Series reports of places and situations unmentioned in city-guides, on the other hand it gives an exhibitionistic view of the personal state of the reporters. In trying to figure out a city, in this case, they are mostly concerned with creating a book.

    Volume 3 - Copenhagen   Volume 5 - New York City         Volume 10 - Paris