Volume Eight / June 2005 / Barcelona
Interview with B.Hoppek

M.L.: Boris, you participated in the eighth volume of "The One Weekend Book Series". Tell me about it. How was it?

B.H.: well, first i got in trouble because i was to late. for lunch i ate something with yellow mushrooms. on the second day we got a constant swell, around 1 meter waves from the northeast. yes, the hole day nice waves while we worked under air-condition. it was great fun.

M.L.: Ha, Ha, sounds like hard work. How do you like giving Interviews?

B.H.: No. Great fun! But i dont like interviews! I stopped giving interviews totally. I get so many emails with questions, nearly as much as for penis enlargement pills with multiple orgasms, highly potent 36 hours hardrock, 500% more sweet and creamy cumvolume!!

M.L.: Thank you for the interview.