Volume Six / April 2005 / The Hague
Interview with B.Khan

M.L.: Basit, you participated in the 6th volume of "The One Weekend Book Series", which happened to be as well the 1st live performed volume. Tell me about it. How was it?

B.K.: To be able to participate in the first live performed volume of 'The One Weekend Book Series' was very exciting. At first I was a bit nervous as to how I would be able to interact and perform with the other designers but as the day went on, I found my flow. When the visitors came in to view us as we worked, it did get a little hectic and made it hard for me to concentrate at first. But eventually I ended up using the noise and the army of little children around me and tried to implement it into the work. Some of the children were eager to cut and paste and I gave them a chance to get their hands dirty with paint and glue.

Working with you, Jackson and Famc was a blast. I've never had an opportunity to work on search a project live and I am glad that my first time was with this group of individuals. Inspiration and ideas were running wild! So wild that we spilled paint twice in two days! This exercise made me want to work with my hands even more and I will try to implement this technique more and more into my work. The final book layout looks promising and I think that the content of this volume differs greatly from other previous volumes. All in all, it turned out to be a great book, a great weekend and a great experience. Thanks to you and the rest for making this happen!