Volume Four / October 2004 / Berlin
Interview with E.Schulze

M.L.: Elisabeth, you participated in the fourth volume of "The One Weekend Book Series". Tell me about it. How was it?

E.S.: It was a weekend far away from everyday life. A weekend dedicated to a project, a wonderful occasion for inspiration. Martin, with this project you offer an attractive way to stimulate creative cooperation. I did not know Rinah before the weekend, but it was enriching to work with you both. Such experiences make life lovelier.

M.L.: Are there moments in which you look back at our weekend?

E.S.: Of course, from time to time there are moments in which I like to remember the weekend. Especially when reality once again proves that it is different than that weekend. It would be naive to think that we all could live in a ªThe One Weekend Book Series´ weekend. A weekend canít be a workday and a mouse canít be dog. Or is it possible? Maybe we should be more naive.

M.L.: I think the process and vitality of ªThe One Weekend Book Series´ are perfectly adaptable into a professional working environment. In fact, during my everyday work, I work the same way. The only difference is that most commissioned assignments require an additional phase before and after this in which the process gets targeted towards a preset goal. In other words itís a question of definition whether it is weekend or not. Donít you think?

E.S.: True, I actually work the same way. One probably needs a lot of intuition and confidence to succeed in work. To regain that one needs a wide awaken altercation with things, which costs a lot of energy, but only makes life nicer... and every day that makes sense is as good as a weekend. That sounds very easy, but itís good to notice that from time to time. So we have an agreement!? Now what?

M.L.: What?

E.S.: What are we going to talk about now? Donít we need more questions to make the interview have the right amount of words?

M.L.: We still have a couple of lines. Is there a question you would like to be asked?

E.S.: No, every question is good, but it should riddle me. That's why I can't make up the question myself, you will have to do it.

M.L.: Alright. Can you sing a song that reflects your emotions?

E.S.: Oh Yeah, I will sing: "I'm a question mark, a walking talking question mark ..." (Jamie Lidell) and what are you going to sing?

M.L.: Vanilla Ice: "Yo man let's get out of here, word to your mother."