Volume Six / April 2005 / The Hague
Interview with J.Chang

M.L.: Jackson, you participated in the 6th volume of "The One Weekend Book Series", which happened to be as well the 1st live performed volume. Tell me about it. How was it?

J.C.: It was great to see how people worked within this context, in front of a live audience and without the use of computers. It was a chaotic work environment, loud campy music and people everywhere, a real challenge to find a flow. I had been very much looking forward to working with you I have much respect for your initiatives and creativity. The dialogue between our work I think was very complimentary. Due to the chaotic work environment we weren't able to discuss or develop the idea's further which was a pity. Working together with Famc was pretty hilarious. Those guys are the best. Real characters. It reminded me of the days in the academy when we were in the same class together, crazy guys. Basit was also good to work with, very serious, very young and very talented. I'll be sure to hook up with him in the near future.

Everyone had a different approach and a different style which made it very diverse. Eventually combining the different pages to make a visual story brought it back together with very unexpected results. Looking forward to seeing the finished copy. Thnx again much respect martin. I has been a real eye opener to see what you've been upto the past years, and to see you work. I think by not hiding behind a computer we were pretty exposed and I could feel that what I was lacking, you would fill in. Thnx again for inviting me to the weekendbook project.