Volume Four / October 2004 / Berlin
Interview with R.Lang

M.L.: Rinah, you participated in the fourth volume of "The One Weekend Book Series". Tell me about it. How was it?

R.L.: Before I actually sat down at the table with my scissors and glue, I wasnít really sure about how this could work. I just knew that I wanted to leave my daily business behind, which consists of something similar. This time I wanted to work more freely and more open, especially during interaction with others, and to be less target-orientated. Somehow everybody just started to work and immediate reactions followed.

M.L.: How did the interaction influence you and your work? Did you notice any distinction between working on "The One Weekend Book Series" and your everyday working methods?

R.L.: I think that in every day work one is less afraid to cheat. As you work on one collective work the cheating becomes visible, when I say cheat, I refer to the approach. While working together you very quickly notice the automatic activities you have developed in your own working process and then try to throw them overboard temporary. The first thing I tried to do was not to brood too much, like Martin, who just sat down and painted an Elephant on a piece of paper, like it were the most natural thing to do. This is the way to do it, you can always decide later whether you want to reject the drawing or make a series out of it.

M.L.: I was, on the other hand, fascinated by your approach towards illustration. You worked very hard at your illustrations. You built them up layer by layer. This process integrated into the entire experience and became part of the final result. It is an essential quality of your illustrations. It was exciting to observe this.

So you were able to use "The One Weekend Book Series" as a way to examine your working methods and redefine them. Are there still moments in which you look back at our weekend?

R.L.: In situations in which I am under a lot of pressure I should, but often donít. When the day comes to an end and I am still not happy with my work, a bottle of beer is opened and there is apparently nothing to lose, only then similar moods like the ones experienced during our weekend appear. But in these situations I am still by myself. This not meant to sound negative, but working together played a prominent role in the weekend experience.