Volume Nine / July 2005 / Barcelona
Interview with S.Smith

M.L.: Steve, you participated in the ninth volume of "The One Weekend Book Series". Tell me about it. How was it?

S.S.: It was great, making books is my roots, me and Mr Diamond used to make them to distribute as far as we could with a one day travelcard and back from Neasden, a book is unique and to make it in such a short time add's a kind of pressure. i think that.

M.L.: What does mean the creation of a book to you? Is there a difference in creating images which are going to be compiled to a book later and the creation of a book which consists of images? If so, whats the difference?

S.S.: Well, your project is different is'nt it - it requires that a book be in a weekend - so yes it is different than sitting down and compiling a book which usually takes alot longer. Anyway it s more about the actual product - that of a zine or small print run book.

M.L.: I think, the fact that the book is made in only one weekend, having all the images that are going to appear in the book laying on the table, having them still in your head when making new images, creates a connection between all the images and makes it therefore easier to compile them later to a book.

It is one of the experiences i made in this project, that even working with very different artists together, at the end it seems to be the conditions under which they have met that brought their work visually together.

I remember, that the conditions under which we've met were very disrupting. Tobi got his passport stolen, i couldn't phone you to approve our appointment at the the cmyk festival, the loud music of "dj jamon" was getting on our nerves, our workingtable was just in the middle of the crowd, people didn't knew what we were doing, but we had to shake many hands anyways, saying hi and hello to everyone. Very stressy. But there were moments in which the disturbing environment seemed to fade away and i only saw us three and our work in the middle of a noisy jungle. What do you remember from that weekend?

S.S.: Interesting scenario !! _ i remember not being able to contact you - i did'nt have your mobile number and no reply via email left me clueless to when / what we were doing - a call to Hort in Germany from Spain and back again and i was back in the loop. We live in world where sometimes you wander if the other person is still alive if they do not respond to call's or emails but not being able to do either - well that is....

The CMYK description is pretty accurate, you missed out the bit though when we went for lunch - and 2 hours later (after sloppy service and bad food at one of Barcelona's now many "tourist" led cafe's which will rename nameless - we were actually sitting opposite the owner as he came in for his lunch and got 2 huge plates with impeccable service so it's definitely "who you know") we returned anyway to the table to find a slightly distressed Tobi who had to try and stop a member of the CMYK audience who got pissed off because he could nt add his drawing onto our collage wall of works ready for the book. Apparently he wanted his work in the book, when Tobi explained that we were only 3 making this and pulled it down after he went this guy came back really annoyed>.... !! pretty funny alot of people thought it was a "free for all" drawing / making event thang just because we had a desk full of pens and markers and tape and things.

M.L.: Thats could be a nice book project too, a bit like "chinese whisper", just that the images are done by hand. Curious about the outcome of a project like this, propably totally chaotic and pointless. :-)

Wait a second. I will have to think of a good next question. There is any question you would like to give an answer to or any question you would like to ask me?

S.S.: Yes - why and how did you want to start this project - what did you expect and has it fulfilled your expectations or surprised you at all

M.L.: I started this project to grow, personally and professionally. I try not to have any expectations. I like surprises.