The Gallery Tour 2005

In 2005 the first The One Weekend Book Series - Gallery Tour took place. The tour started off at <> Tag Headquarters in The Hague The Netherlands, one month later an exhibition at A+M in Milan Italy followed, in june the tour visited Ras in Barcelona Spain and in july the tour found its end at the cmyk festival in Barcelona Spain.

The Lectures

M.Lorenz provided information about the self initiated Twopoints.Net projects and gave an insight into the motivation and ideas they are based on.

The lecture at Theater Zeebelt was organized by Zefir7 and <>Tag:

The lecture at the Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Universidad de Barcelona was organized by Jesus del Hoyo:

The Exhibitions

The One Weekend Book Series exhibitions show the unseen side of the project. People that own a copy of The One Weekend Book Series volumes or have seen some of their spreads on the web have the opportunity to experience the creative process of the volumes.

On the walls of the exhibition spaces 165 A4 copied colored papers are hung. Each of the five volumes are represented through an A1 poster and some spreads, all composed by A4 sized papers. The colors of the paper are taken from the colors of the paper used for each volume. The copies contain selected parts the volumes.

The Exhibition at A+M in Milan Italy:

The Exhibition at Ras in Barcelona Spain:

The 1st live performed Volume

On the opening weekend of the exhibition at the <> Tag Headquarters, The Hague Holland, M.Lorenz created the first live performed volume of The One Weekend Book Series. This time he has sweat it out with B.Khan, J.Chang and FAMC.

Saturday, 9th of April 2005.

This time the initiator of the project, M.Lorenz, worked together with B.Khan, J.Chang and the Dutch artist duo Famc.

As the Gallery got crowded, the music got louder and the center of attention moved towards the performing artists. Observed by circa 150 visitors at the exhibition and around 4.000 visitors on the internet that could follow the the performance on one of the three live streaming cameras.

The piles of paper garbage and unused illustrations around and under the artists' working table grew. From being exhausted by the noise, chit chats with visitors and a lot of hand shaking the situation turned into a very concentrated working mood, ignoring the audience watching them. As later talks with visitors showed, the spark jumped over to them and inspired them to take part in one of the TwoPoints.Net projects. This Weekend definitely made the TwoPoints.Net work grow.

The One Weekend Book Series never attempted to find the essence of a city, but merely a documentation of the situation created by place, time and the collaboration of the participating artists.

The Hague, neat and clean from the outside, experimental and dirty from the inside. In a city that does not have to offer as much as the big Dutch cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam, the young art scene is eager to initiate their own projects and work hard to keep them alive.

The 1st live performed Volume

The series of the introduction spreads visualize the moment in which we, the artists, felt exhausted by the noise of the gallery and the turning point in which we fell into a very concentrated working mood, ignoring the audience watching us, being back on track.

The 2nd live performed Volume

On the opening weekend of the exhibition at the Ras Gallery, Barcelona Spain, M.Lorenz created the second live performed volume of The One Weekend Book Series. This time he has sweat it out with B.Hoppek.

The 2nd live performed Volume

You don’t have to leave Barcelona to travel, says Boris. Walking through the lower barrio chino is a trip around the world in 80 seconds. Sex and crime. An old woman and dedication. Policemen and thieves. Life and death. Boris and myself.

The old woman is peeling off posters with her bare hands, everyday at the same time, from the same wall, with the same dedication that guiris have to short pants and sandals. The police that forbid graffiti in Barcelona. The police that do not like seeing black girls’ shaking asses projected on the neighbours’ houses at midnight. The thieves that stole the water pipes made out of plum from Boris’ house to sell them for one euro to the shop nearby and leave behind a house without water; expect a flooded cellar.

Surrounded by books and Barcelona, Boris and I are here to discover the essence of life, working with porn magazines, so old that we are afraid to discover our grandmothers posing with birds in their laps, wondering if used porn magazines have more stories to tell than those unused, wondering if the pin-up girls are still alive, wondering what they might be up to now, wondering if they would peel off posters. Ravaleja. Silencio.

The 3rd live performed Volume

S.Smith, T.Röttger and M.Lorenz created on the independent magazine festival cmyk in barcelona spain the ninth volume of The One Weekend Book Series.

The Movie

The movie about the first five volumes of "The One Weekend Book Series" made by T.Faulwetter and P.Werner of Reboot will be shown at the exhibitions.

Watch the movie.
Quicktime required.

The Catalogue

The catalogue is a summary of the first five volumes of "The One Weekend Book Series" and the project itself. It is divided into two parts. The introduction part gives information about the guest artists, the author, the visited places and the concept of this project. The second part consists of five parts as it contains the five posters made for the exhibition split up into A5 size.

The pages of the catalogue are the 182 copied colored A4 papers that will be hung as well at the exhibition. Compiled, bound and reduced to the size of A5. It was important to me to keep the connection between the original volumes, the exhibition and the catalogue. Therefore all the production is done within the possibilities that a copy shop has to offer. The colors of the paper, the din sizes, the way they bind or staple books and the aesthetics of a copy machine, all these
distinguish the visual appearance of this project.

The catalogue costs 15 Euros and is available at the exhibition and the bookstores that sell the volumes of "The One Weekend Book Series". Produced in a limited edition of 40.