The One Weekend Book Series
Graphic Tourism Since
Two Thousand And Three

The Collection of
Volumes One Through Five
Frankfurt am Main, Copenhagen, Berlin and New York City.

For the first time in its history "The One Weekend Book Series" has become accessable to a worldwide public.

Since 2003 Martin Lorenz travels cities like Berlin, Milan or New York City to make a 48-pages book with different artists in only one weekend. Which he distributed exclusively in a few bookstores in europe.

The well known spanish publisher Actar has now recompiled the first five volumes to a beautiful produced, 300-pages strong book and will distribute it worldwide form march 2006 on.

The new edition contains unpublished illustrations, comments and interviews by the authors.

Author: Martin Lorenz
Project Management: Lupi Asensio + Martin Lorenz
American Typewriter: Rowan Joris McCuskey
Guest Artists: Tim Faulwetter, Rowan Joris McCuskey, Sune Ehlers, Kasper Riisholt, Rinah Lang, Elisabeth Schulze, Eike König and Yoshi Sodeoka.

Printing: Ingoprint SA
Distributed by: Actar D
Roca i Batlle 2
E-08023 Barcelona
Tel 0034 93 417 49 93
Fax 0034 93 418 67 07

Isbn: 84-96540-17-0
Dl: B-3700-06