Volume one
July 2003

Frankfurt am main, July 2003, hottest summer in over 500 years. Good for wine, bad for us. We sneak, shadow to shadow, in an attemp to catch images at the river Main; me drawing, Tim cutting. Competitors of the Ironman flatten us on their bikes, on our way home. At 21.00 o' clock the temperature is finally back to body temperature. We won, but Heat passes the stick on to Sleep. Coffe, Coke, Elephants and White Stripes, we use anything within reach. At 5.00 o' clock sleeps wins, we retreat for a moment till we continue working and another sun comes out again. The first volume of The One Weekend BookSeries is a diary of two sun burned Germans who tried to live 48 in 24.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Guest Artist:
T. Faulwetter

50 copies


Din A5

Special features:
Printed on beige paper, stapled and presented in plastic math book jacket