Volume Six
April 2005

Saturday, 9th of April 2005.

On the opening weekend of the exhibition at the <> Tag Headquarters, The Hague Holland, the initiator of the project, M.Lorenz created the first live performed volume of The One Weekend Book Series. This time he sweat it out with B.Khan, J.Chang and Famc.

As the Gallery got crowded, the music got louder and the center of attention moved towards the performing artists. Observed by circa 150 visitors at the exhibition and around 4.000 visitors on the internet that could follow the the performance on one of the three live streaming cameras.

The piles of paper garbage and unused illustrations around and under the artists' working table grew. From being exhausted by the noise, chit chatting with visitors and a lot of hand shaking the situation turned into a very concentrated working mood, ignoring the audience watching them.

Enjoy the results.

<>Tag Gallery, The Hague, The Netherlands

Guest Artists:
J.Chang, B.Khan and Famc

50 copies


Din A5

Special features:
Printed on light grey recycling paper and presented in five different plastic math book jackets