Volume Nine
July 2005

Did you ever slept besides the darkest forest of spain? Did you ever heard or saw its pretentious creatures? Steve has and without being prepared Tobi and me got dragged into it with speed. During i tried to cure my sick stomach with beer and cigarettes, Tobi made an unwanted donation to the inventors of flamenco which made him climb the hill to claim his german right for identification. Miss germany wasn't there. She has been around, actually in the very dark forest that surrounded us, but not that i remember having seen her often. Dj Jamon on the other hand has a talent not being overseen or overheard. Playing his long forgotten music, dark, loud and with only one purpose to entertain himself and his friends.

Lots of people coming suddenly out of the dark, asking questions, wanting to participate in whatever we were doing, taking pictures of us, handshakes are getting faster and more frequent, soon we are surrounded by creatures, enjoying us to observe, questioning what kind of creatures we seem to be, smelling us. Trying to find out what the hell... you sooo much.

Cmyk Festival, Barcelona, Spain

Guest Artists:
S. Smith and T.Roettger

50 copies


Din A5

Special features:
Printed on light grey, cyan, magenta and yellow paper and presented in fifty different plastic jackets